Not Just a Second Chance...But a Better Chance


YCCS offers a unique approach to learning skills to ensure your personal, academic, and professional goals.

Over nearly two decades educating students, YCCS campuses have listened to the voices of their students to create learning choices that work best for them. Students may choose multiple pathways to learn that include:

  • Active learning inside and outside the classroom that makes a difference
  • Personalized learning designed to reach your specific goals
  • Technology-rich environments that build professional skills and collaboration
  • Real-world learning, field experiences, and career internships

What is competency-based learning?
Competency-based learning enables students to apply real-world skills and understandings they need to achieve success in college and careers. These skills develop your core abilities to think critically, communicate effectively, and explore the world in creative ways, leading to your future as an active contributor to society.

Why CBE is the best method for students?
YCCS schools offer you a unique approach that focuses on teaching you the skills that will help ensure your personal, academic, and professional goals because they are built around developing your ability to critically think, effectively communicate, explore the world in creative ways, and help transform you into an active contributor.

How does it build success in students?
The competencies (skills) emphasize application, and creation of knowledge as well as the development of important skills and dispositions. As a student, you will receive timely, differentiated support based on individual learning needs. Our students earn credits and advance based on demonstrating mastery of these competencies by participating in real-life scenarios and exhibitions of learning.
What are multiple pathways?
A core component of YCCS education program is allowing students multiple pathways to achieve their goal of graduation. Many YCCS campuses offer multiple learning options that allow students to demonstrate proficiency on learning standards to earn academic credit. YCCS ’s Multiple pathways include: Traditional classroom-based courses and classes; Learning Pathways that include dual enrollment, career and technical education, and online blended learning; Applied Academics Courses such as problem-based learning, and integrated thematic courses; and Extended Learning Options such as apprenticeships, independent studies, summer enrichment, work study, and service learning projects. These strategies have shown that they promote student success by emphasizing: extended learning time, alternative modes of learning, make-up opportunities for missed assignments or failed assignments, retesting with an emphasis on mastery learning, and other instructional