Parents, guardians and accountability partners are an important part of the YCCS learning community. Since 1997, YCCS has provided high-level educational and support services to students who may be at risk of dropping out, or students who prefer a small school environment. We work with parents and guardians to ensure each student’s success.
Why should my child(ren) attend YCCS?
YCCS is a Level-1 high school. YCCS meets the individual needs of its students through programming committed to academic excellence, human development, cultural enrichment. YCCS prepares students for life after high school graduation with technology, job and career skills. By keeping post-secondary preparation at the forefront of curriculum development, YCCS offers opportunities for eligible students to earn college credit, earn industry standard certifications, and experience work readiness trainings and internships while earning their high school diplomas.
How are parents updated about their child(ren)’s performance?
Parents receive quarterly reports explaining their child(ren)’s academic performance on courses and assessments in math, language arts and reading. Report cards are distributed to parents at the end of Quarters 1 and 3 during report card pick-up. YCCS campuses conduct report card pick-up conferences twice per year to discuss academic achievement and post secondary options for students.

Parents may also check their child’s academic progress on PowerSchool, a learning management system. Through Power-School, YCCS is able to provide real time data on attendance, project completion, special assignments, and behavior reports to parents. YCCS will provide training at its 19 campuses so parents can learn how to access student information that is available 24/7.

Are YCCS teachers highly qualified?
YCCS teachers are highly qualified according to NCLB Title I. YCCS campuses will provide parents with a certified letter at the beginning of the year if their child has been assigned to, or taught by a teacher who is not "highly qualified, as defined by Title I.
Does YCCS have services for students with disabilities?
YCCS has an array of specialized services, including modifications, accommodations, and clinicians for students with individualized education plans to participate in and benefit from campus programs and activities.