Youth Connection Charter School-Our Legacy

YCCS students not only perform academically but also change their trajectory from hopelessness and poverty to self-efficacy and achievement.”

- Sheila Venson

Youth Connection Charter School (YCCS) is a not-for-profit educational organization, partnering with community-based organizations that have served Chicago neighborhoods for the past 40 years. YCCS provides students Not Just a Second Chance… But a BETTER Chance. With one of the highest-ranked high school SQRP (School Quality Rating Policy) in the city of Chicago, YCCS students create their own future, using their Better Chance to achieve academic and real-world learning success.

During the recent Pandemic, YCCS has continued to provide its students with a personalized world-class education in an urban setting. Our Competency-based curriculum provides the opportunity for every YCCS student to graduate with a diploma and confidence to demonstrate their mastery of the core competencies that are essential for academic and personal success, every student is prepared for college, careers, and beyond. Our curriculum is aligned to Illinois Core Standards, as well as the Common Core and National Technology Standards. The YCCS Educational Model Framework, 3 + 1, ensures that each campus uniquely addresses each student’s learning and developmental needs in preparation for the ultimate goal of accessing post-secondary experiences while earning their high school diplomas. Growing into adulthood certainly has its ups and downs, but caring adults working collaboratively to connect with and support each student make this a healthier and easier process.

YCCS campuses provide a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities, encouraging students to discover and build on their strengths while extending their learning edges. Our students are outstanding! They excel in academics, the arts, athletics, and other extracurricular activities. Our teachers are highly qualified and licensed by the State of Illinois as lifelong learners. They continuously seek creative and innovative ways of engaging our students through real-world connections.

YCCS offers a full spectrum of special education services and resources to support students with special needs. In addition, we take safety very seriously at YCCS, constantly making sure we have good plans and procedures to make the school environment as safe as possible. Meeting these challenges is no small task, but I do not know of a better cause than making a better future for our students.


Sheila Venson
Executive Director