LessonForced Displacement
Human Rights and the Struggle for Social Justice
5 lessons on global human displacement. Essential QuestionsInvestigating Race and Immigration
LessonA Nation of Immigrants?Anchor lesson for teaching Investigating Race and Immigration.Investigating Race and Immigration
ReadingHistory of the Chicano Movement
Education reform and farm workers' rights were among the goals
Chicano MovementInvestigating Race and Immigration
Teacher GuideEducation About ImmigramContent on immigration issues. Teachers can access lessons for classroom Investigating Race and Immigration
ResourceDadaab StoriesDadaab Stories is an interactive multi-media platform on the Dadaab refugee camp for, mostly, Somali refugees in Kenya. It was developed by the charity Film Aid and explores daily life in the camp, with a plethora of articles, videos and photos on its inhabitants, art in the camp, the refugee Diaspora and other themes.Investigating Race and Immigration
VideoState of ArizonaCopies of this film can be borrowed from YCCS.Film about the Arizona controversial immigration law SB1070Investigating Race and Immigration
ResourceUNHCR Teachers’ ToolkitFree-of-charge and adaptable UNHCR teaching materials on refugees, asylum, migration and statelessness, and a section dedicated to professional development and guidance for primary and secondary school teachers on including refugee children in their classes.Investigating Race and Immigration
ActivitiesImmigration quizImmigrationInvestigating Race and Immigration
LessonLatinos and the Fourteenth Amendment: A Primary Document Activity In this lesson, students will work in pairs and use expert reading strategies to analyze the Court’s ruling in Hernandez v. Texas. After participating in a carousel discussion, students will write a three-minute paper describing how the United States would be different if the Court had reached an alternate conclusion.Investigating Race and Immigration
LessonTeaching About MigrationIn this unit, there are four exemplar teaching and learning activities on immigration that can be adopted and/or adapted for use in your classroom. This is followed by a guided opportunity for teachers to develop their own teaching and learning activity based on the question 'what would happen if all immigration to the UK suddenly stopped?'.Investigating Race and Immigration
VideoImmigration BattleA special two-hour feature film presentation from FRONTLINE and Independent Lens, acclaimed independent filmmakers Shari Robertson and Michael Camerini take viewers behind closed doors in Washington's corridors of power to explore the political realities surrounding one of the country's most pressing and divisive issues.Investigating Race and Immigration
ReadingWhat’s a Sanctuary City AnywaySanctuary CityInvestigating Race and Immigration
LessonTeaching ImmigrationThe lesson plan includes prompts to help introduce the video New York’s Mexican Community: Challenges and Opportunities, questions to assess comprehension and facilitate discussion, as well as resources for further reading and researchInvestigating Race and Immigration
LessonLetters From the DiasporaThis is an anchor lesson for teaching Investigating Race and Immigration In this lesson, students share opinions about the causes of mass migration. They then investigate the causes and effects of an event that led to a mass migration and write letters from the perspective of a person who might have lived through that period.Investigating Race and Immigration
LessonPathways to America: Teaching About Immigration ChangesThis is an anchor lesson for teaching Investigating Race and Immigration. Investigating Race and Immigration
LessonHuddled Mass or Second Class?: Challenging Anti-Immigrant Bias in the U.S.This is an anchor lesson for teaching Investigating Race and Immigration.
Unit plan.
Investigating Race and Immigration
LessonUnited We dream toolboxUnited We dream toolboxInvestigating Race and Immigration
ResourceImmigration 101Website of the American Immigration CouncilInvestigating Race and Immigration
LessonWhat is the Dream Act and Who Are the Dreamers?What is the Dream Act and Who Are the DreamersInvestigating Race and Immigration
LessonWhat Should Be Done about DACA?What Should Be Done about DACA?Investigating Race and Immigration
LessonWho are children at our border?Who are children at our border?Investigating Race and Immigration
VideoNew York’s Mexican Community: Challenges and OpportunitiesNew York’s Mexican Community: Challenges and OpportunitiesInvestigating Race and Immigration