YCCS Civic Engagement Challenge 2020

Increase and inform youth voters-Engage youth in civic action as responsible citizens-Build stronger communities through public policy.

The 2019-2020 Civic Engagement (CE) theme is Climate Justice and The Presidential Election! CE challenges YCCS students to be proactive and vocal, while enhancing their community’s ability to confront Climate Change issues head on.

Students will find solutions and respond to some of the following questions:

1) What environmental conditions may be worsened by the rise in temperature levels?

2) How should communities be reimagined and prepared to respond to issues involving Climate Change?

3) What are some practical lifestyle adjustments families and individuals can make to reverse and survive Climate Change?

4)What policy or legislation is needed to ensure the concerns of citizens are heard and met?

5)Who are the right people: youth, organizations, agencies, legislators, and leaders to address, and by what methods do we reach them?


YCCS is future-focused, preparing students to engage their peers to envision their world and their lives for today and tomorrow. CE is challenging students to plan, prepare, and secure a future on their terms and by their design.

Statistically, many YCCS students are from disenfranchised communities throughout Chicago. They are resilient and gritty, ultimately thriving in conditions where others had given up on them, and at times even themselves. They are uncommonly bright and resourceful, building bridges from sometimes despairing situations to realize their potential and accomplish their dreams. They are compassionate and committed, joining their collective voice with other youth around the globe, calling their political leaders to take action for Climate Justice, and letting the world know the issue of Climate Change is not a racially and economically biased problem. Adaptation is needed for all and by all members of the human race.

Project Goals and Objectives

Project Objectives

Students will:

  • Identify issues that impact their lives and their communities
  • Choose an issue and develop a nuanced historical, political, and social understanding of the issue
  • Propose policy demands to address the chosen issue and to impact community life
  • Use a variety of social media to communicate/inform different audiences about their issue
  • Develop/engage in actions to impact their issue
  • Submit a portfolio of individual student artifacts that demonstrates an understanding of the issue
Project Topics Issues

Climate Justice - The idea that Climate Change is an ethical and political issue   

Climate Change - The global temperature increase caused by the atmospheric increase of greenhouse gases