Voting Rights/The Vote

As more people of color get the opportunity to participate in the democratic process, they have to contend with voter suppression and laws that take away their right to vote.

LessonUse or Lose ItStudents recognize the fragile nature of the right to vote and acknowledge the need to protect that right.Voting Rights/the Vote
Lesson UnitExpanding Voting RightsExpanding Voting Rights is a series of five lessons: Lesson 1 The Early Republic
Lesson 2 African Americans Face and Fight Obstacles to Voting.
Lesson 3 The Voting Rights Act, 1965 and beyond
Lesson 4 Women’s Suffrage
Lesson 5 The 26th Amendment
Voting Rights/the Vote
LessonStudent VoicesUnit plan with lessons around youth votingVoting Rights/the Vote
LessonVoter fraud or voter suppressionCritics charge that the real goal of a new federal commission to investigate voter fraud is to justify efforts to make it more difficult for people of color to vote. Students learn about and discuss the controversy.Voting Rights/the Vote
Difference between Democrat and RepublicanDifference between Democrat and RepublicanVoting Rights/the Vote
Daily Show "2017 Alabama Senate Race"Daily Show "2017 Alabama Senate Race"Voting Rights/the Vote
Alabama Senator Candidates PoliciesAlabama Senator Candidates Policies Voting Rights/the Vote