Your generous donation will benefit Y.C.C.S students in the following ways:

  • Scholarships for Y.C.C.S college-bound students to provide tuition, fees, books, transportation, and other related expenses.
  • Scholarships¬† for Y.C.C.S students to enroll into industry-certificated trainings and dual credit/dual enrollment college courses.
  • Stipends for Y.C.C.S student internships and on-the-job experiences.
  • Teacher and Principal professional development in best practices for teaching and learning.
  • New technologies to enrich students' learning experiences, such as maker technology, 3D printers, smart boards, laptops, and tablets.

Mail a tax deductible donation or letter of donation to:

Youth Connection Charter School
Department of Planning and Development
10 West 35th Street, Suite 11F4-2
Chicago, IL 60616