Special Education Teacher

The Teacher provides specialized instructional services to special education students housed at YCCS campuses; writes and updates individualized education plans in accordance with state and federal law; conducts IEP conferences and other meetings to insure appropriate instructional services are being delivered in accordance with the Illinois State Rules and Regulations for Special Education; provides direct instructional services to special education students in accordance with the requirements of the students’ individual educational plan goals and minutes of required service; coordinates instructional services with mainstream/regular education teachers; assesses the progress of special education students on a regular basis including quarterly benchmark assessments and yearly progress summaries; develops comprehensive transition plans for each special education student; coordinates all instructional services maintaining regular dialogue with parents, guardians or care givers responsible for the care and support of the special education students; develops instructional units and materials that address necessary modifications required by individual education plans utilizing strategies to address differing learning modalities; utilizes appropriate classroom management technique to insure a safe and productive learning environment; and; performs additional duties as assigned.

Skills Required

  • State Professional Education Licensure (PEL 1) with endorsement as a Learning Behavior Specialist I PRE-K to Age 21
  • Employee must be an insured licensed excellent driver in the state of Illinois and have a car

What We're Looking For


  • Content Knowledge
  • Knowledge of Diversity
  • Knowledge of Planning for Instruction
  • Knowledge of Instructional Delivery
  • Knowledge of Assessment
  • Knowledge of Collaborative Relationships
  • Knowledge of Computer Applications