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Innovations High School’s Arts Integration teaching model engages our students through the discovery into the Arts as the pathway to personal expression and learning cultural relevancy.

I.H.S empowers students by giving them an environment where Art becomes an enabling force, offering students pathways and avenues of expression, while learning the core subject matters.
Our school is designed to refocus students on academics and push them to excel and strive for the highest standards.

A strong component of the I.H.S culture is leadership and character building. To this end, we provide all students with mentors to assist them with self-concept and decision making as they mature into young adults. Through arts integration, with a focus of writing across the curriculum, we inspire, motivate, and empower our students to succeed in an ever-changing world.

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Benerata Lamaj

Ms. Benerata Lamaj has been an educator for over for 16 years as a Professor of Math...

David E. Ashkenaz

Mr. David E. Ashkenaz, a Science Teacher at YCCS – Innovations, is a veteran...