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The Association House High School (formerly El Cuarto Año HS) offers a new path for students who have been left behind by traditional public schools, and an opportunity to earn a high school diploma.

Association House High School (AHHS) in Humboldt Park collaborates Alternative Schools Network, and inter-agency alliances. AHHS’ team of certified teachers, mentors, and support personnel, tailor their services to each student’s academic and social needs. We offer a data-driven curriculum that teaches the core learning standards with additional academic supports to ensure students are well-equipped for success.

AHHS is focusing on building active learners and students who are engaged in their communities. We offer students the opportunity to lead student organizations and become active in community events. We promote life-skills development training which includes problem-solving and conflict resolution, as well as family and peer relationships.

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Marcella Vicens

Ms. Marcella Vicens is a teacher at Association House High School. She has a strong...