Healing and Hip Hop

Deepen your exploration into the culture of hip hop using a "mindful" lens. Through discussion, research, and essays, you will be asked to provide your own answer to the following fundamental question: how do youth across the globe use hip-hop culture to articulate identities, challenge the socio-political and economic status quo and fight for civil and human rights? For this class, you and fellow students will write, record, and produce high-quality hip-hop mixtapes and host a virtual listening party to introduce work with the community.

What you’ll learn

  • The intellectual legacy of hip-hop culture, which draws from Black studies, cultural studies, African and African Diaspora studies, history and geopolitics
  • Hip-hop’s counter-cultural impact upon racism, sexism, consumerism, silencing and discrimination
  • An appreciation for mindfulness
  • A better insight into oneself
  • Improved skills in communications and relationships

Course Description

Students who take/complete this course

  • Earn a quarter credit in Language Arts
  • Create a mixtape in a state-of the-art studio
  • Have an opportunity to perform before an audience
  • Receive a YCCS Certificate of Completion
Course Information
  • Credit:.25
  • Days:Tuesday and Thursday
Ms. Sharif

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